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    You don't have to ask to create threads with me - I just might not join them right away
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    If I don't respond to a post, please send me a PM to remind me.
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    You can join the thread as late as you want
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    I'm open for plots!
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    I would prefer to be warned if you are going to do something drastic to my character, even if there's nothing I can do
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    I want to know when my character is thought of/talked about
    please tag me!
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    I subscribe to all my threads, you don't need to tag me to let me know you replied
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    Talk to me first before making any assumptions about my character
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    I don't mind being skipped sometimes, just ask me!

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  1. Congratulations everyone!! 😁 I'm sure everything will be well worth the small hiatus.
  2. Cadence

    Soft Opening!

    Lovin' everything so far, thanks so much guys!
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