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  1. Adoptables Announcement Round 1, and A Soft Opening Adoptables We received some really great applications for our adoptables and wanted to announce the first round that have officially been given to new players. Anyone who was not mentioned in this post is still up for adoption and we would love to get another round of apps for remaining characters! The original post will be edited to reflect the ones adopted and the ones still up for grabs. Congratulations to Namara for adopting Vayko, Van for adopting Xulia, Nachomumma (formerly Becuffin) for adopting Amondi, and Wolfsong for adopting Italia. We also want to congratulate Vami for creating her own member of the council with Modesto Valle. We want to remind everyone that you are more than welcome to send in applications for character ideas you have to create your own council member if you would like to have a character in the pre-made pack but don't one of the adoptables! Soft Opening Update The staff want to thank everyone for their ongoing patience as we get everything ready for roleplaying and hope we have everything ready to go soon. We had hoped to have the site ready for roleplaying by now but have run into problems with the character mod update that is accountable for the delay. Once we have this sorted out things will be ready for writing as we continue to finalize the site for the final grand opening. Again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patience and support.
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